January 28, 2012

And this week's award goes to Jade :)

                    This week's award goes to Jade Hart for her outstanding scene.

The prompt was....

Don't you just love when a phone rings during the middle of a church service, and you start to get upset at the idiot who didn't turn their ringer off, but then realize to your horror you're that idiot?

                                                     And here's what Jade wrote-

...and then I scramble from the pew, knocking over stupid Mrs Merryweather's handbag which surprise, surprise, has a shiatsu in it. I bolt down the aisle, the back of my head burns with fire from all the glares I receive and wrench open the heavy doors. Breathing heavily I answer the phone, ''Hello?''
''It's time.'' A dark moody voice says.
I swallow hard. ''I've, eh, changed my mind.''
''Not an option. You will continue with the operation. Assassinate the priest.''
I reach behind my back, and under my frilly pink church outfit my fingers latch onto my pistol.
''Call me once it has taken care of.'' The phone goes dead.
My hand grows slick with sweat as I go back into the church, ignoring the glowering flock, I tread up the aisle.
I was about to murder someone.

  • Each week will be a new and completely different prompt. So come back next week for the 'Don't you just love _______________?'-- Friday Prompt   8-D


Jade Hart said...

Thanks Amber, that's the first time I've won anything. Yay ;) Almost idea for a Friday blog activity. Look forward to next weeks :)
Hows your writing going?

Amber said...

I promised my hubs I'd stay away from writing today...he's been neglected :) (blogging doesn't count right?) Haha I've put my laptop up for the day and I only have my phone. It's killing me! Haha

Jade Hart said...

Oh no! :) Silly husbands and their demands at being ignored.
If you click on this link: http://languageisavirus.com/nanowrimo/word-meter.html and enter in your total word count and how much you've done, it'll give you the code to paste into your blogger gadgets. :)

Morgan said...

LOL! Huge congrats, Jade! *laughs* Very fun prompt, Amber. I'll be looking forward to more of your posts! :D

Hope Roberson said...

I left you an award on my blog :)

Amber said...

Yay! Thanks :)