June 11, 2012

My Cover .... (at least the one in my head)

I had an image in my head for the cover of my current WIP. It is my memoirs about a time in my life where I was broken, but God carried me through and rebuilt me stronger than before. No I haven't queried it yet, and I know I would have no say in what goes on the cover, but I wanted to see if I could get the image out of my head. This is a picture of me, taken when I was eighteen. My memoirs are from age 15-17, so I figured this pic would work. What do you think? Cool, huh?

June 7, 2012

A song to encourage you

Not much to say today...I'm busy writing. But I have had this song stuck in my head for two days, so I thought I would share it. :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This song will be on the soundtrack when my ms gets made into a movie :)) Hey, a girl can dream, right?

June 5, 2012

QQQ critique over at Matt's blog

I'm going to assume everyone on here already follows Matt's Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, but on the rare chance that you have been stuck under a rock he can be found here-> QQQ .

Today is my big day. I am flying through my current WIP and plan to have it completed and ready to query by the end of the month. So I went ahead and sent him my query to be publicly critiqued. Today is a day for shout outs, but tomorrow is the day when it gets shredded....in the best kind of way. Helpful critiques are priceless when it comes to writing! So my query can be found here... Amber's query.