January 16, 2012

NO-MAN'S LAND: All who enter here beware

Here's the scenario...

I've got an awesome idea for a book.  It has action, adventure, fantasy, and characters that anyone would love to read about.  Oh and did I mention it revolves around the greatest man who ever lived? 

I've taken those favorite bible stories and woven them into a fantasy world with fun twists.  The woman at the well... whose ability is to project false images of an alluring beauty and she uses that facade to seduce men, when underneath she is a broken woman, desperate to be loved.  The blind  woman-(in my story it's a woman), covered in scars from a childhood fire,... the forty days of temptations....angels....

I've written those stories in the first 20k words/ eight chapters, and loved every moment of developing these bible verses and characters into a fictional world that focuses on the heart of each of them. The outline is formed. The characters are solid. I've had great movement with lovable characters on this roller-coaster of trials.  Then- 'SQUISH'!!!  I step into no-man's land: the dreaded and greatly feared 'middle of the story'. Now before me stands the swamp lands I must cross to get to my ending. Eek! 

The final 20k words are formed in my head.  There will be intensity, violence, death, betrayal, love and pain.  BUT HOW DO I GET THERE?!

Many stories drop in the middle, and there have been times that I have stopped reading a book because I couldn't bare the 'no-man's land' any longer.  I don't want that for this story!  I want it to stand strong with each and every chapter holding its own adventure, not just the beginning and end.

So....recalling my childhood days of catching frogs in the marshes of Alaska, I am jumping in this swamp land and I'm going to have a blast.  Persistence pays off.  Ideas are like frogs; you can't catch them from the side lines. You've got to wade on through and be ready to pounce when they swim by.

Swamp-lands can be fun, you've just got to get messy doing a little frog chasing :)  Well, I've got my boots, a net, and a bucket with a lid.  I'm ready....here I go.  'SPLASH'


Jade said...

Can I just say. U R THE BEST!! Thank you so much for your email. I can't tell you how much it boosted me up - especially as you are one tough lady to satisfy when it comes to writing! :) To know that you enjoy my story and believe in me is beyond words. :) (BTW: I love your ending... gives me a heads up :) lol. I hope you don't kill off anyone! Not Gabe or Rhett! )

Cassie Mae said...

Oh, you're already there if you can picture the end of the book, you just need to pick out the major points and get your characters there. You can do it! :)

Amber said...

thanks ladies! I am slowly making my way through. It's fun trying to pull parts from the beginning and roll them into the end with surprises for the reader. :)