June 5, 2012

QQQ critique over at Matt's blog

I'm going to assume everyone on here already follows Matt's Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, but on the rare chance that you have been stuck under a rock he can be found here-> QQQ .

Today is my big day. I am flying through my current WIP and plan to have it completed and ready to query by the end of the month. So I went ahead and sent him my query to be publicly critiqued. Today is a day for shout outs, but tomorrow is the day when it gets shredded....in the best kind of way. Helpful critiques are priceless when it comes to writing! So my query can be found here... Amber's query.


Matthew MacNish said...

Your courage astounds me. I'm almost done with the post. I hope the intro doesn't say anything offensive.

Larissa said...

I've read through Matt's query post, and your story here, and I'll add to the chorus of being SO IMPRESSED with your courage and strength.

I have no doubt I'll be seeing your memoir on shelves someday.

Jade Hart said...

Hey You ;)

Do you have more chapters for me to critique.
Just been over to Matt's blog. You're so strong. So proud of you :)

And yay for the snarky girl who takes no crap in the MS. I want to read about this sexy spanish heart-throb! :) xx

Jessica Bell said...

Was just over there. Read and commented. New follower here, and SO glad to have 'met' you!

elizabeth seckman said...

You are a brave girl. Love and hugs to you.