September 5, 2012

Come And Get It

I'm so excited to announce that I made it into the Come And Get It contest! (just by clicking a button in time--not by being selected) If anyone wanted to stop by and offer up a critique I'll gladly repay the favor. Just leave me a comment to say which entry is yours--if you're in :) If not, you should enter. There will be another window. You can find mine here--> entry number 1.

In other news, I've gotten 4 full requests over the past 6 or so weeks. Currently I'm averaging a 20% request rate :)  After a 0% request rate from my last ms, I'm a very happy camper. I'll keep everyone posted as I get responses. So enough about me... how is everything going with YOU? I've been so focused on this ms, querying, and contests that I have been MIA. What's been going on in the bloggin world. 


Ink in the Book said...

Yay for you! How exciting for the full requests!

Congratulations and I hope you hear from an agent soon!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

So, are the fulls for the memoir? Totally not shocked...what I read was just freaking awesome!!

Best of luck Amber! Missed you. :)

Amber said...

thanks you gals :) Yes Elizabeth the fulls are all for PB. I shelved my previous project b/c I feel like this is my strongest one. I have thought about going back to Unyielding and making it a MG for boys though. I'm hoping to get an agent to bounce ideas off of soon :) hehe and thanks sooo much for your comment :) You're the best!

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

Congrats on the requests!!! I'm very happy for you!