January 31, 2013


Have I got a treat for you today?!
Some of you may know that I'm on twitter, some of you may not. You can find me at @akmauldin. Through twitter I've met a lot of amazing writers, editors, agents, and so on. This is where I met Darci. The wonderful Mrs. @darci_cole is hosting a super neat contest and believe me, you don't want to miss out on this!
The blog post with the details, rules, and crazy cool prizes can be found on her blog HERE.
Darci asked (a few days ago) if some published/agented writers would pick their favorite entries from her contest and reward their picks with critiques. I told Darci I'd gladly be one of the judges to give away a critique. Even though I'm not agented and I don't have a novel in print, I am a published author (2 of my articles have been published in Girl Talk Magazine--available at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. Also I spoke on the phone 2 weeks ago with an agent who seemed very interested in representing my memoir... but she wanted me to start and end the story in a different place. So it was basically a R&R over the phone. I explained these things to Darci and she still wanted me on board as a judge/critiquer:)
Then the day came and she posted the contest. Seriously writers, when I saw what the prizes were I was totally like,

Then I was all,

Because I'm a judge. But I want to play. The prizes are just so amazing!

It's totally lame to enter a contest where you're one of the judges, right? Right? But is it really?

So I will enter this contest in another post just for the heck of it because I'm a writer and the picture is just really cool. BUT, YOU need to enter too. That's right, YOU! Because if you don't I will be all like,
So, write out some awesomesauce scene. Show us all how talented you are. Make this hard for me to choose a winner.

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