January 5, 2012

He's the voice of my words

Obsession might be the correct term for my need to write, but that sounds so negative, so I'll just call it an urge. 

I was pondering today over why it has taken me so long to realize that I want to be a writer.  Heck, I started my first novel at the age of eleven, was that not enough of a sign? 

It was proving to be a boring summer, so I began to type out a story, just for the entertainment of it.  I probably worked on it for two weeks, though the sixteen years has caused a bit of a haze, but I remember it kept turning into a 'Bridge to Terabithia' wannabe, so I scrapped it after 50+ pages. 

As an adult I have tried on two separate occasions to write an autobiography, but I never could find my voice and after only a few pages I quit. 

What is different now?  Why can't I go a single day without writing?  It has become my crack, and if I go longer than twelve hours without a fix I begin to twitch. Okay, maybe not literally twitch, but you get the picture.

So why now; what's different? That's easy...I finally have a story worth telling.

Yes, I've always wanted to write, and I've always loved to write, but my stories had me walking away from the computer.  This time is different because my story is different.  Although it is complete fiction and full of fantasy, the story centers around Christ.  I derive my inspiration from the bible.  My goal is to simply tell a story that will honor Jesus.  I would love to cross that "Christian" barrier and tell a story that non-Christians and Christians alike could enjoy, with Christ at the heart of it. 

My main Character is Rhet Jussics..... do you see it.....come on.....okay, I'll help you out. It's JESUS CHRIST rearranged. My best efforts at an anagram.

Now when I write, it is because I want to tell this story, not because I want to sell millions and get rich.  I have to write this story. What God chooses to do with it once it is complete is up to him.  It is fulfilling to be writing a story with purpose and soul, though the story is pretty dark.  There is a lot of suffering, fighting, and death, because if you've ever read the bible, you know the road to righteousness is paved in blood, sweat and tears, many times ending in murder, and therefore, so is my novel. 

Anyways...time to get back to 'Impenetrable.'  I need my fix. ;-D

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