February 1, 2012

The Liebster Blog award- and the five things you may not know about me

Okay, first off let me say I give myself the 'you stink award' for taking so long to get around to this post!

Now, on to the fun awards! This is actually my very first blogging award thanks to Hope who nominated me :) you can view her blog Here.

                              FIVE THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME

1.) I am a total guys' kind of girl (tomboy) in the sense that I would choose fishing over shopping any day of the week. I would rather watch action over romance, and I would rather play football than be a cheerleader.
Ice-fishing in Alaska...yeah, I'm hard-core like that :-D  This is me making out with my fish I was so proud to have finally caught. I'm 11 in this pic.

In this pic I'm 7 months pregnant with my first born, and deep sea fishing. My hubs caught a shark and I just had to hold it before we tossed the little guy back.

2.) I participated in a foreign exchange program when I was 14.  A girl from Spain came and spent the summer with me, and the following summer I got to go to Spain and live with her and her family.  I loved the culture and the people and I came back to America with a bitter taste for this country. -Don't get me wrong...I absolutely respect our soldiers and what they have fought for, but that's my problem. So many Americans have no respect for our military, and for those who've come before us. I think America is an ungrateful, spoiled brat. (Please don't throw 'blog stones' at me :)

In this pic I'm the one in the dress next to my foreign exchange-sister Irene.  We're in Murcia, Spain standing outside the cutest little book store.

3.) I have always wanted to be in the CIA, or FBI.  If I didn't want children, that would have been my top choice. However, being a mother has always been my greatest dream and I didn't think the two were a good combination. -BUT I have always been a warrior at heart. I do not fear death. (I have looked it in the face twice and both times my fear wasn't for myself, but for the people who would miss me after I'm gone). I love action and I would love to take down bad guys in covert-secret missions! Yes... I'm getting pumped just thinking about it :)
I snuck into this pool using a guy's member i.d. haha....hey I'll take the thrill where I can get it. Here I'm 22, and still such a rebel. bahaha

4.) I love acting. I know, I tell you how I'm such a 'boy', then I tell you how I'm such a 'girl'. What can I say...I'm complicated :) I love Acting, singing,and dancing.
Here I was playing the role of Audrey, the lead in my school musical "Little Shop of Horrors". Age18.

5.) This probably could go with number 4, but I'm running out of things to mention :) So, the fifth thing you may not know is that I love to paint. I never find time for it anymore, because as far as hobbies go, my writing comes first, but here are a few of the paintings I have done.
This last picture was for a friend's daughter to match her room decor. I added glow in the dark paint to the grass, fireworks, and the cream part of the ballerina....so it looked pretty cool in the dark.

Thanks for reading

Amber -over and out :-)


Katy said...

I didn't know you wanted to be in the CIA/FBI, that was also a dream of mine (my grandfater was CIA while it changed from the original to CIA)He was a spy for Einstein in Princeton, NJ! And I also didn't know that you liked acting. I did know that your sex can be changed male to female like me...lol, I can shoot a gun while wearing high heels....lol.

Amber said...

I knew we were soul sisters ;)

I've always said I like to act like a boy while looking like a girl. I love to get dressed up and looking good, but I won't let that dress stop me from running through the mud playing soccer ;)

Poor Willow doesn't stand a chance--she can like to dress girlie, but she's gonna be one rough and tough girl just like her momma :)

Krista M said...

Those are some beautiful paintings. No way would I touch a shark, lol! :)