February 1, 2012

Skunk Award! YAY!

I got the stinky skunk award : ) From a fabulous gal named Jade-check out her blog :-)

This is to acknowledge those 'I suck; what was I thinking' days.  Now I have to write what I like about myself.

I like how independent I am. I rarely ask for help-which might actually be a weakness of mine, but...I like to figure things out for myself. If my children are sick, I'm going to search their symptoms online before I run to the doctor, and if I can take care of it with some motrin and vitamin C, then I'm good with that. "Do you need help building a set of stairs, well give me a few minutes and I'll figure it out."

I'm very proud of my common sense and my do-it-yourself attitude.  I don't believe I'm 'naturally' talented at ANYTHING. I work hard, practice, and eventually I get good at whatever I'm trying to accomplish....but I like that. I like feeling like I earned something because I worked hard to get it. I don't want anything on a silver platter :-)

Okay...I think you've all heard enough about me now. You already know more about me than my mom :-D



Leigh Covington said...

Hey Amber! So glad to find your blog & thanks for popping over to mine and sharing your input. I love that. And I love that you are independent. So am I! It drives my husband nuts, but I don't care - I'll do it myself. I can figure it out! You rock girl! Congrats on the award.

Jennifer Lee Young said...

Congrats on your award Amber!
I found you through Cassie's interview. Great job, love your blog!!