March 6, 2012

Here's another 'mommy why' poem of mine about being in a wheelchair

Well, I figured while I was at it, I'd share my other mommy why poem. This one was inspired by my friend Cheryl and her spunky daughter Summer. 

After writing my first mommy why I sat back and thought, this would be so limited. If I ever did share it, so few girls would relate to this (brown curly hair, freckles and blue eyes). I then got the idea to do a series of "mommy why's" answering difficult questions our children may ask- but in a way that shows a mother's love as well as God's love. I instantly thought of my friend Cheryl and her five year old daughter Summer. Summer was born with Spina Bifida and can't feel from her lower back down.  I wrote this for them.

I love this picture because to me it shows a unique-stand out from the crowd take on being in a wheelchair just like the poem I wrote.

“Mommy why”
“Mommy why am I in a wheelchair?
And why do my legs not move?
All of the other kids get to run and play.
Why can’t I do what they can do?

It’s just not fair that I am this way.
It makes me want to cry.
Why can’t I be like everyone else?
Please mommy, can you please tell me why?”

“Oh, you ask me such easy questions.
Come with me while we sit and talk.
Did you know that God picked you specifically?
God chose for you not to walk.

He knew you were so very special,
that a normal life just would not do.
So, God formed you perfectly in his image,
and then he chose me for you.

He placed you in my womb,
because he knew we were a perfect pair.
And you have brought so much joy into my life.
To me you are more important than air.

Yeah, those other kids can run,
but they don’t have a spirit like you do.
You are strong and such a great leader,
that those other kids all look up to you.

They can’t race down a hill on wheels,
or hit a ball and roll to first base.
They can only go as fast as their legs allow.
You could surely beat them in any race.

And let’s not even mention your arms,
because if you flex your muscles they all might run.
You are surely the strongest kid out here.
And you are definitely the most fun.

Now, I don’t know all of God’s plans,
but I do know he always has one.
For he loves us so very much,
that he sent us his one and only son.

Your life may not always be easy,
but I know that God has big plans for you.
For you are so very special,
that an ordinary life just would not do.”

Written by: Amber Mauldin


J. A. Bennett said...

That is so sweet and sad and beautifully written, great job!

Frank Blasi said...

I enjoyed reading that.
Great post!

Megan said...

Love this poem.

Oh, and about your comment--if you'd like a cover, email me at (: Thanks!

Amber said...

thank you everyone for your sweet comments :)

Amber said...
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