March 5, 2012

Here's a poem I wrote titled "Mommy Why"

Okay. I was feeling a little inspired today, so I thought I'd share one of my poems. I wrote this a few months back. (And yes, the syllables are off, but this was for my daughter so I wrote from the heart- not my fingers counting each syllable :)

                                   Here's what inspired it

I constantly am plagued with pity for the women who weren't told they're beautiful as a child.  I spot them everywhere. Perfect strangers, whose inner turmoil I can see a mile away. They've got on jeans so tight they can't walk, with heels taller than my foot is long, WALKING THROUGH THE GROCERY STORE. You know the one' so orange they look like they slept in a Doritos bag, and yellow hair that couldn't possibly have a name because it's 'one of a kind' to pair perfectly with their orange skin.  I just want to give them a hug- followed by a make-over to enhance their natural beauty- not bury it.

I have an eighteen month old daughter who I tell daily how wonderful she is.  Her response is usually a grunt, with a 'get off me mommy- I know already' shove away. But one day she won't just accept she is beautiful, she will NEED TO HEAR WHY.  And it is my job as a mother to embrace my children for WHO THEY ARE, and encourage them to be that person- not me, not the woman in the magazine, and not the cracked out- hasn't eaten in a month- movie star.  So here is a poem I wrote for my daughter, for when she comes to me one day to complain about the way she looks. (Which is so beautiful by the way. Have you seen my pictures?)

“Mommy why”
“Mommy, why do I have freckles on my face?
And why is my hair so curly and dark?
I wish I had straight, blonde hair.
And that my face didn’t have a single mark.

The other girls are much prettier than I am.
And they laugh at me when I walk by.
Why do I have to look this way?
Please mommy, can you please tell me why?”

“What an easy question you ask me.
Why don’t we go take a look in the mirror?
I want to make sure that you see what I see,
Hopefully I can help make this clearer.

To you your hair is dark and curly.
But to me, I see hair dancing in the wind.
It is full of body and bounce.
And the dark color goes perfectly with your skin.

And don’t even get me started on your freckles.
Silly girl why can’t you just see?
God made you beautiful and in his image.
You couldn’t be any prettier to me.

All of these freckles upon your face,
are when God gave kisses to you.
Then he placed every hair on your head,
and he put you in my womb.

God made you beautiful and unique.
There is no one in the world like you.
And how could you forget about your eyes?
They are the most brilliant blue.

I love how they sparkle in the sun.
And when your mouth smiles so do your eyes.
God made you exactly how he wanted.
And believe me, God doesn’t compromise.

So listen to me when I tell you,
that you are so very beautiful to me.
There is no one else quite like you
For when God made you, he made you perfectly.”

Written by: Amber Mauldin


Rebecca said...

Love :) That's why Psalm 139 is the most precious Psalm to my heart! And, are you kidding me?!? Freckles and dark curly hair go WAYYYY over in my book of beauty above the world's perception. It's true-beauty IS in the eye of the beholder (as there IS beauty in all)...kinda crazy judging flowers, or ANYHING the hand of God made-lol! Thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

What a lucky daughter you have Amber. How important it is for our kids to know they are perfect - just the way they are. So much pressure to fit a certain mold - at the risk of losing the unique identity and character they possess. This poem will be a great legacy for your daughter and future generations. And is Jeff.

elizabeth seckman said...

such a sweet poem :)
slept in a Doritoes bag...too funny and too accurate!

Amber said...

@Rebecca- Psalm is always an uplifting book of the bible to go to.- And I agree- everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Thanks for sharing :)

@accidentalwriter/aka-Jeff- I thinks molds should be for plastic. :)

@Elizabeth- thanks....and I was kind of proud of the doritos bit :D hehe

Amber said...

That was supposed to be 'I think molds...'

'Me thinks' it is to early if I'm writing "I thinks". :D

Amber said...

and it should have been 'too' early. Ugh I quit. I'm going back to bed :D

farawayeyes said...

Love the poem, the sentiment is so important. Something all women should hear often, especially 'little women'. What a lucky daughter you have, except luck has nothing to do with it, she was sent specially to you.