March 15, 2012

Just one of THOSE days

Here's the scenario:

I am wrapping up my wip, editing and implementing my cp's suggestions and I hear of a contest. I figure what the hey, I'll be done in a day or two, so why not enter? By the time the contest is up and running, my ms will be done.

The cupid contest, if you don't already know, says they will accept the first 200 emails then 5 judges will select 50 of those to go through to the agent round. So I cut and paste, and triple check everything to make sure it's gold, then click send. A few minutes later I have a 'congrats your email is in the 200' reply. "Awesome!"

So now I sit and wait.  And while I wait I'm steady editing and critiquing, doing all I can to stay busy. But every few hours I can't help but check my email for that awaited 'congrats you're in the top 50' reply. But it's not there, so I think, well maybe I didn't make top 50 and they've posted the 'victims' on Cupid. (that's what cupid is calling them) So I hop on over and 'pshew' they haven't posted anything yet.

So it's back to work for a few more hours, until I can't stand it anymore and have to check my email, then when that's blank I stalk cupid. Ugh...I hate that there isn't a specific date of 'top 50 will be posted on this day'.                          

                                          A girl can go crazy you know.

Yeah I'm sure you know. I mean...anyone with a query out there has probably done this sort of thing. And then, when your email is blank you get the...Do I suck? Am I a horrible writer whose email was trashed after a few sentences with a 'what a mess' snicker from the poor soul having to endure my jumbled words?

Those writer blues will get ya every time.  Those moments of doubt when you think, Am I chasing a hopeless dream?

I think as a writer I am cursed with being a bit overdramtic.  I try to at least protect the world from my *swoons* and *screams*, but you can rest assure I am doing them, in my head.  Sorry if you came for inspiration and words of wisdom. None today. Just the ramblings of an over-dramatic, head swooner, plagued with doubt. (not the permanent kind, just the unpredictable doubt that sneaks up and puts you in a choke hold....I'll wiggle free in just a bit:)


Krista McLaughlin said...

Good luck with the wait! Patience as a writer is hard.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Best of luck to you. The waiting is the hardest part.

Johanna Garth said...

Good luck! Another blogger friend of mine is doing that as well :)

Amber said...

thanks everyone. Yeah...patience isn't one of my strengths. I figure either Friday or Monday the 'victims' will be posted. Then, win or lose I get to begin querying outside of the blogshere. Eek...that really will drive me bonkers! 'Wait 6-8 weeks if they even feel like responding.'

I'll be keeping busy with critiquing and beta reading for my sanity. Plus starting my next wip. The busier the better :)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I think we all do exactly what you're doing- I know I do. But I figure God will open the doors that are right for me and keep closed the ones that won't lead me in the right direction.
Keep writing He'll open the doors when the time is right..maybe even Monday! Prayers and good luck!

Amber said...

@Elizabeth- thanks for that. It always helps me to remember it's in His timing, not mine. It helps take off some of the pressure as well. :) *Cyber hug* ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck...the waiting is the killer!

I've also tagged you on my blog today, I hope you didn't complete the 11 Questions before!

Morgan said...


If this isn't the truth...

Amber, I'm stoked for you. This process *is* a killer, and it can make you go a bit crazy, but such an essential part for the rest of your time in this business. It's a waaaaiting game no matter what stage you're in.

Come chat with me anytime to keep you distracted, LOL... I'm going to need it soon close to querying again myself! ;)

<3 <3 <3

Tania. F. Walsh said...

Waiting is a hard thing... best of luck.. got my fingers crossed for you:)