March 30, 2012


First things first....My first 250 words are up for critique on Shelley Watters blog. I'd love it if you hopped over there and gave HONEST feed back. Not looking for praise, just good, hard critiquing :) 

Okay peeps, I'm back! I am sooo sorry I have been such a horrible blogger. I was sick for a month! That's right, 4 weeks of not being able to keep in more than a few hundred calories. And no there is no baby brewing. The x-ray machine has been broke for 2 weeks at my docs, but as soon as we can get that squared away we might can figure out this stomach stuff. I'm thinking it's one of those organs that you have no clue what it does until it quits my gallbladder or pancreas. But time will tell. I'm really not worried, the worst it could be is that I need to have something removed...honestly it is no big deal for me. I just wanted you to know I'm not being a hermit...I just haven't been very well lately. As for now I have actually been able to eat for a week without wanting to vomit. Which means I have finally been able to work. AND.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......

I HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED MY FIRST NOVEL!!!! That's right. I have started a few novels that weren't worth finishing. And I have written a million short stories and poems, but this is my first, completed, full-length novel that I got to write---THE END at the bottom of!!!Yippee!

So I really didn't have some special post, I'm just excited to be done.

But I have been wondering...What was the book that turned you into a reader/ writer? Most of us probably began as a reader, falling in love with stories and then became a writer. But maybe it was the other way around for you. For me, my first love was, The Bridge to Terabithia.

I lived and breathed the story with every word. I was eleven and I WAS Leslie and totally in love with the Jess. I cried when I died :) 

So what was your first love?

My second love was Hatchet (age 11)....hmmm, maybe I write from a male pov, because those were my first loves....


Krista McLaughlin said...

Congrats on finishing your book! That's an awesome feat! And I hope you feel better.

I loved Hatchet too. Maybe I should read that again. ;)

Frank Blasi said...

Welcome back.
I hope you make a speedy recovery.
And congratulations for finishing your novel. I hope that all your hard work you put into it will be well rewarded.
As for my love for writing: It began when I was a young boy who had family relatives living abroad. In those days I used to write simple letters to them and add drawings as well.
Nowadays I love writing about the Lord Jesus, and throughout my years as a Christian, much of what I learned was from several doctors of theology, mixed in with my own personality.
God bless.

Kelley said...

Congrats on being done! Revisions are fun. Keep us posted :)

I hope you figure out what's going on with you and you get better soon!

Amber said...

@Krista- I Loved hatchet. I grew up camping and fishing in Alaska, so that book was right up my alley. :) -I've tried to get my husband to read it. He thinks books are girly but I think he'd love that one (even though it's mg)

@Frank- thanks for the nice words. I'm like you. Writing for the Lord brings me joy like none other. The end of my story is very powerful, with a strong Christian tone. One of my final lines are. "Come on, there's always room for more at the table." (As it ends with a symbolic 'Last super')

@Kelly- when I was sick and didn't feel like writing or critiquing, I started implementing all of my cp's suggestions. So I'm looking forward to reading it again, with some corrections already made, and seeing what else I can catch. My writing has improved, so I'm catching lots of adverbs that aren't needed, and repetative movements (sighed, grinned, and so on)

Cassie Mae said...

Yuck! Being sick totally sucks. I hope you find out what's the dealio soon.

And YAY!!!! for finishing draft one! That's always something to celebrate and jump up and down and happy dance to. I'm doing that around the computer for you right now. :D

Morgan said...

SO PROUD OF YOU... What a HUGE accomplishment! :D

And you're doing exactly what you should be... getting your work out there for critiques. Totally the best thing.

And the book for me was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I've lost count of how many times I've read that book ;)

elizabeth seckman said...

My first book was Heidi...then all the books by Louisa May Alcott. Ah, young love!

elizabeth seckman said...

And I hope everything turns out all right. Prayers!