May 19, 2012 kind of need a cp...anyone interested?

Okay, so....ummm, I'm in need of a cp. Which is scary. This is my third novel in less than a year, so I am a very dedicated writer and I am looking for the same in that special cp. In the past, when I found my other cp, I swapped first chapters with three people, but in the end I felt 2 of the 3 weren't at the same level as me. Which I know sounds horrible- but I wanted to be paired with someone who I felt their story was something that could get published. If I'm going to dedicate my time, I want it to be on something and someone I truly believe have I scared you away yet? No? You're still reading and possibly interested? Who-hoo! Well then, let me tell you about my current WIP. It is a YA narrative before you vomit in your mouth because you hate non-fiction as much as I do, let me just say that this story will read like fiction. I still struggle with the limitations a memoir has and I want to put it as fiction- I think I could easily sell it that way, but it is more powerful for people to know this IS A TRUE STORY. So before you cast me aside into the boring non-fiction category, let me share a few sneak peaks, then if you still think it isn't a good match you can ignore this and I will never know! :) If you are interested just leave me a comment with your email and we can swap a chapter or two and see if we match :)

What you can expect from me- a detailed eye, I'm fairly good with grammar, but my strengths are plot and pace. I will be quick to say "I'm getting bored." But it is in a helping tone always!!!

My weaknesses are character building, and voice. Example- at the end of my story I was told to add some chapters, and build a little more on the relationships. (So if those are your strengths then we might make a good pair :)

So are you still here??? Good, let's continue

Quick Query for PERFECTLY BROKEN (I'm writing this on the spot so it may be rough)-

Time seems to stop right before you die. Amber Harville knows this all too well. When she is kidnapped and raped at fifteen, she just knows her captor's next step is to murder her. She is prepped and ready to put up one last fight, ready to claw his face off when he tries to kill her. Her hope is that when they find her dead body there will be enough DNA under her fingernails to find her killer. She never imagined he'd dump her out of the car with the threat of "If you tell anyone, I'll kill you."

His first mistake was choosing her as his victim, his second was in letting her go. She immediately flees to the nearest house and they call the police. Three days later he is caught. But the damage has already been done and Amber begins to spiral out of control.

Her family and friends have no clue how to help, so she seeks refuge in her church hoping to find something to fill the void inside. Her Youth Pastor introduces her to a personal relationship with Christ. Having been a 'Sunday only' Christian, reading the bible on her own time is something new to her. She finds comfort there in the black and white, which is full of suffering, something she can relate to.

With an impending trial around the corner it seems impossible to escape her nightmares, no matter how close she draws to God. A summer foreign exchange program which sends her to Spain is exactly what she needs- an escape. A gorgeous Spanish boy awaking her heart is the last thing she wants- a distraction.

Sooo, are you still here??? Great! If you're interested, leave a comment saying so. (Feel free to comment even if you aren't interested- I won't bite :)

You can find examples of my writing all over this blog- in the tabs, posts titled- How God walked me through the fire, and the various bloghop posts.


Krista McLaughlin said...

It sounds very good and I wish I could help, but I'm deep in edits and starting work with my own CPs. Good luck finding one!

Jade Hart said...

Just have to say, I'm super uber impressed with your writing on this new MS, Amber. You blew me away. I'm honoured to read it.

Amber said...

Thanks Krista :)

Jade- I can tell a difference in my voice. I'm enjoying channeling my inner fifteen year old self;)

elizabeth seckman said...

Did you find one? I'm slow...but would happily help if I could!