May 23, 2012

How is your WIP coming along?

Okay so I don't feel like writing at this very moment and I have nothing in my inbox to it looks like blogging for me :)

I know I hardly ever post, but I'm hoping when this WIP is complete I will be able to mingle a little better.

So, this is the part where I ramble :) 

(I'm the curly headed one if you couldn't tell:)
My current WIP- my memoirs, is the first story that I have ever written in first person, and I love it! I'm enjoying channeling my inner fifteen year old self. I can tell that my writing is stronger and I finally have voice! In my previous wip I wrote in third person, and though the plot and characters are pretty solid, that sassy, witty voice has always been something I struggle with. I'm more poetic than witty. BUT my fifteen year old self was sassy, mouthy, feisty, and as quick to throw a punch as she was to land a kiss. I had forgotten her, and it is a blast finding her again. Here are some clips

I see Officer Douche-bag typing into his computer as we walk past. No doubt he’s writing in his report how uncooperative I was; how I’m a damaged girl with issues who just wants attention.
What I want is to spit in his face. I settle for a glare and a mental middle finger. Bye Jerk.
                                                   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

What if the jury doesn’t believe me either? There is a very real possibility that my rapist could one

day be set free. The only comfort I find in that knowledge is that I now know his name. If he is ever

set free, I will have no choice but to hunt him down and kill him. Even if this lands me in prison,

even if he kills me instead. I simply cannot live in a world where he walks the streets.

                                                ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I look at Brian and he is wide eyed. It’s clear he has been awake longer than me, but how long? Did I

snore? Was I drooling? I am a notorious sleep drooler.

These are just a few snippets....what about you? Have you found your voice?  Have you found that story that is flowing as easily as water? Tell me about your current WIP.


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

It sounds like you are having fun. Good luck with your writing.

Johanna Garth said...

She is feisty! I like her already!!

Cassie Mae said...

She sounds awesome! Good luck with the WIP!

Matthew MacNish said...

These snippets are awesome!

Amber said...

@Michael- It is fun being a sassy fifteen year old :)

@Johanna- yeah she's a bit of a handful, but fun :)

@Cassie- thanks :)

@Matt- thanks, do you have any fun ones you want to share? :) I read your query and first 250 and you def. have mastered voice :)

Sharon Bayliss said...

What an exciting story! It's so brave of you to write a memoir. I couldn't do it. But I bet the sincerity of it will shine through. Best of luck!

Huntress said...

My latest wip is going very slooow. Life keeps interrupting and my concentration is sorely lacking this time around.

Got any motivation you want to lend me? That or more Time would be nice. :)

elizabeth seckman said...

I'm taking a wee little writing break. Just reading for a bit...and waiting for WIPs to land in my inbox ;)

Amber said...

Hehe, I'm running around today...I'll be home tonight then I can get emails sent out :)